Adana Liver Recipe


  • 750 g lamb liver
  • 500 g lard
  • Salt
  • 8 skewers
  • 1 kilo of charcoal
  • pita bread

Preparation Of

Chop the liver, then put it in a strainer and wash it thoroughly to drain the blood.

On the one hand, salt the chopped small livers and tail fat.

Start stringing on the skewers first, then two or three pieces of liver oil, then a tail oil and continue this way, after all is done, cook on the barbecue.

If you want hot bread while cooking, mix cayenne pepper and summer in a bowl, spread it on your pita and squeeze the barbecued livers onto your pita.

If you wish, you can put chili pepper and cumin on your table and sprinkle it on your liver while eating.

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