Eggs In Bacon Dish


  • 8-9 leaves fenugreek-free bacon
  • 2 small or
  • 1 medium potato
  • 1 egg
    If you wish, you can add salt, taking into account the salt of the pastrami.

Preparation Of

We lightly butter the muffin pan with oil. We built it with 2 bacon sheets. So, the bottom is completely closed.
While the bacon inside the cavity is far up we do not use the edge height cut.
So the base is 2 times more bacon.
Create a structured garnish with attachment logic.
We cut the cooking potatoes by stirring constantly a few tablespoons of vegetable oil the size of the dice.
Or you can fry.
We add potatoes and scrambled eggs, beaten with a fork.
We share this mixture equally over the entire dish. Eggs are cooked at 180 ° Only about 5-6 minutes (the oven may change, stay tuned).
We get the bacon to have after pulling the edges of the plate slightly crispy by pulling them lightly.

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