Lebanese Kunafa Recipe


For the syrup:

  • one water glass granulated sugar
  • 2 water glass this
  • 3-4 drop lemon

For the Kunefe:

  • 400 gram künefe cheese
  • 300 gram kadayif
  • 5 tablespoon butter
  • one tablespoon grape molasses

For service:

  • one tablespoon powdered pistachios

Preparation Of

Mix water and sugar for sherbet and bring it to a boil. Squeeze lemon juice into the boiling syrup and boil it for ten minutes on low heat, then turn off the heat. Pass the kadayifs through the robot in small pieces. Make it smaller as you can, add four tablespoons of melted butter and little by little sherbet less than a tea glass, and continue to pass it through the robot. When you take the kadaifs in your hand and squeeze them, they are ready if they stick slightly and get a pasty consistency. Spread the butter and molasses mixture on the bottom of a wide pan, spread the kadaifs on top and press them firmly. After making sure that you have smoothed the edges and pressed well, add the grated cheese on medium, turn it over on low heat and cook until the cheese melts. Invert the künefe onto a serving plate and drizzle with syrup while hot. Slice while hot, sprinkle sherbet and peanuts during service. If you wish, you can add a künefe between a pita and add it to sherbet. Enjoy your meal.

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