Spring Roll Recipe


  • ready-made phyllo
  • Pastry Curd Cheese
  • Parsley

To fry:

  • Liquid oil

Preparation Of

The dough is divided into 12 equal parts in the shape of a triangle.
The inner mortar is prepared by mixing chopped parsley and cheese.
Spread a spoonful of cheese mixture on the lower end of each triangular phyllo.
The edges of the dough are bent inward so that the material does not spill, and the dough is wrapped in rolls.
If you cover the tip by slightly wetting it with water, your pastries will not open.
Prepared pastries are cooked by turning in hot oil.
If you wish, you can keep the pastries you will prepare in your spare time in the freezer with a cupboard bag, and you can fry as much as you want when you eat. Enjoy your meal.

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